Episode #27: The Day After New Years Day: Part Two

Episode #27: The hot girls get real about their new year’s resolutions with special guest Ms. Sasserack aka the artist formally known as Cinnamon Twist


Episode #26: The Day After New Year’s Day: Part One


Episode #26: In this special New Years Day (observed) episode, the hot girls have a special guest and discuss some of their favorite topics: traditions and foods.

Episode #23: Grilled Cheese Vodka


Episode #23: The hot girls discuss grilled cheese vodka (because cheese vodka makes episodes better), time change woes, and the meaning behind the 12 days of Christmas.


Episode #19: Hot Girls Halloween Part I


Episode #19: It’s almost Halloween! So your resident Hot Girls & Guy discuss craigslist, cannibalism, & cake farting…all inspired by Lacey’s love for Barbra Streisand in The Owl & The Pussycat.